Replacing Worn Trunk Struts

tstrut00.jpg (57340 bytes)1. Get new trunk struts AND ball studs. It's a real pain to try and remove the old ball studs. The ball studs come unpainted so if you are picky you should paint them to match ahead of time. Touch-up paint from Acura works well for this.

Trunk Struts: 74872-SLO-013 @ about $45 each
Ball Studs: 90102-SLO-003 @ about $9 each

The NSX rear hatch strut comes with the ball stud included, not separate as the trunk lid struts.

tstrut01.jpg (48552 bytes)2. Tools: Locking pliers (or prop rod or rope), small flat blade screw driver, 10mm wrench, hammer.
tstrut02.jpg (54180 bytes)3. Open the trunk all the way. Clamp the locking pliers onto one of the worn out struts to hold the trunk lid open while you work.

If you don't have locking pliers you can brace the lid open with a piece of 2x4, broom handle, etc. but the pliers are really much easier.

You can also hold trunk lid up with a rope tied to the garage door rails, which takes all the pressure off of the struts for easy removal.

tstrut03.jpg (61448 bytes)4. Loosen the existing strut on one side with the wrench. If you are not a master mechanic like me, you might want to use a shop rag to protect the nearby paint from scratches.
tstrut04.jpg (62508 bytes)5. Pry off the little C-clip. Be careful it doesn't fly across the driveway and disappear into a bush or shrub. Once the clip is off the top part of the strut can be removed from the top part of the trunk.
tstrut05.jpg (66664 bytes)6. Use the little screwdriver to pry the plastic bracket open so you can remove the strut.
tstrut06.jpg (62388 bytes)7. Remove the old strut with ball stud attached. You should end up with the empty bracket hanging there.
tstrut07.jpg (59976 bytes)8. Completely remove the old strut. Install one of the new ball studs Use the wrench to tighten it a little. Don't go nuts and strip out the threads though.
tstrut08.jpg (52736 bytes)9. Install the new strut in the reverse of the above procedure. On the bottom, just snap it onto the new ball stud.
tstrut09.jpg (66376 bytes)10. Repeat steps 3-9 for the strut on the other side. Viola! Your trunk now stays open all by itself. David Copperfield himself probably can't explain how it works.
tstrut10.jpg (59864 bytes)11. Play Frisbee with faithful assistant mechanic Alex.


FYI, the dealer labor should be only 0.6 hour for the trunk and about $90 for the parts. But, if you have the parts, the DIY installation is a snap.

If you INSIST on re-using the ball studs, it is possible to cut the old strut off using a hacksaw or dremel tool. Be careful, as it is easy to cut too far and damage the ball studs. This is a lot of work and hassle to save just a few dollars.


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