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Acura Southwest
10455 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77074



(713) 228-7279
(713) 774-0107
[email protected]


Review #1

[BP], Thu, 6 Aug 1998

Since Jackie wanted to drive our silver 1992 car to Atlanta this Sunday I took it over the Acura Southwest in Houston to have the oil changed. We have only had the car for about 8 weeks. Butch at Acura Southwest did a pre-inspection on the car before I bought it and he gave it a clean bill of health. It appeared that everything was fine, but for some reason I felt that the snap ring needed checked on the car. So, while getting the oil changed I asked Butch to pop the cover off so we could look at the ring. Guess what? Yeap... broken snap ring!

Since this car is no longer under warranty and the snap ring failure is a "service bulletin", not a "recall", Acura is not obligated to repair the transmission for free. But, the Service Department staff came though once again. They called Acura and got them to "Good Will" the repairs. Thanks to Dave, Butch, and Jason.

Take it easy! Thanks again for Acura Southwest's excellent staff!



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