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  1. NSX gathering in Irvine, CA on 2/26/2000
  2. Comptech body kit in SoCal?
  3. NSX sighting on way to work
  4. Join us for a cruise from Marina del Rey to Santa Barbara
  5. NSXCA Southern California Dinner Meets
  6. Comptech NSX sighting in Marina del Rey
  7. NSX shop in Los Angeles area?
  8. NSX spotted close to home
  9. Simi Valley, CA NSX
  10. NSX sightings
  11. Any NSXer's in Hollywood CA??
  12. mechanic in Los Angeles
  13. Where are the SD boys?
  14. Drag Wars?
  15. Last night's dinner pictures (feb meeting)
  16. Body Shop
  17. Two NSX sightings on the Westside
  18. Montery, Canyon Ball Run, LB Grand Prix?
  19. NSX's in Santa Barbara
  20. NSXCA Dinner Meeting this FRIDAY, March 9
  21. NSXCA Dinner Meeting this FRIDAY, March 9
  22. who sell/install bodykit in Los Angeles
  23. Florida NSX owners please
  24. California Plate NSXTC
  25. NSXs in the Trojan Family
  26. Acura of Pasadena
  27. Red NSX in Redlands CA
  28. I think I may have found the RIGHT one. Need to find a good TECH in the LA area
  29. 3 South Bay NSX sightings on Sat., March 31
  30. NSX Prime Canyon Drive May 20th
  31. NSX Club SoCal Meeting April 12
  32. AKIRA3D, please read this
  33. Window Tinting
  34. Road One Performance Drivingg School
  35. Lunch meeting in Gardena (So. Cal.)
  36. West L.A. NSXers, now's your chance
  37. Performance Driving School
  38. July 29 proposition/ LA area
  39. Directions to DALI / Basch party on July 21
  40. Where in Los Angeles to powdercoat wheels
  41. So. Cal. North Meeting. New chapter!!!!!
  42. [Los Angeles] South Bay Living article on mobile auto detailing
  43. Acura Palos Verdes Concours d'Elegance on 9/16
  44. NSX in Vista this morning
  45. Performance Driving School
  46. Willow Springs event!!!!!
  47. Help needed in Scottsdale AZ area
  48. Coincidence?
  49. For all you youngsters insuring in Los Angeles
  50. For all you youngsters insuring in Los Angeles
  51. Canyonball Run V
  52. CalCoastalNSX meeting in Calabasas-IMPORTANT THAT YOU GO!
  53. Palos Verdes -=> Anyone need a last minute invite?
  54. CanyonBall V Question
  55. Oct. 18th meeting in Calabasas
  56. Where you at the LA NSX get together?
  57. Performance Driving School. CA
  58. Nov. 15th. NSX meeting in Calabasas
  59. Hawaii -- Maui, Big Island -- Dive Shops, Dining Suggestions.....
  60. Bragg-Smith Track Day
  61. Need a trustworthy paint shop in LA
  62. Best place in Southern California for Short gear/Ring&Pinion Install?
  63. Anyone can recommend a place in So Cal to install coilovers?
  64. S2K Laguna Seca 1/14/02
  65. CalCoastalNSX meeting in Calabasas
  66. Cal Coastal Monthly Meeting
  67. Pomona car show...anyone else go?
  68. 2 NSX's in La Jolla/Miramar today, and...
  69. Get together Sat. night?
  70. LA Auto Show
  71. Any Honolulu/Waikiki or Los Angeles NSX'rs?
  72. NSX Sighting in Santa Clarita
  73. Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson
  74. Thank you all in So Cal
  75. Phoenix Arizona NSXers... A request.
  76. Autocrossing at Qualcomm
  77. Las Vegas NSX Lunch
  78. Pahrump 2 Day Track event, 2/16 & 17 2002
  79. Open Track Challenge Group/Caravan
  80. how to make it faster?
  81. Reminder: NSXCA monthly meeting this wednesday
  82. Irvine Starbucks meet on 2/16 Sat.
  83. Rock Chip repairs in Souther California!!!
  84. NSXCA Camarillo (CA) Autocross March 16
  85. NSXCA Camarillo (CA) Autocross March 16
  86. Southern California "CALL TO ARMS"!!!
  87. DYNO
  88. F1 Meet..
  89. Independent auto service shops?
  90. NSXCA Camarillo Autocross PCH Caravan
  91. NSXCA-SW Driving School - April 6/7
  92. Need help looking at a car near Disneyland
  93. San Diego nsx services
  94. ScienceofSpeed NSX get together at NSXModified (Huntington Beach, CA - this Sunday)
  95. Spring Mountain / Pahrump Time Trials and Track day: May 25-26th
  96. NSX Service Manager Contact at Cush Acura San Diego?
  97. Drove alongside a Zanardi Edition NSX in Santa Monica
  98. Colorado Meet on Sunday the 19th of May
  99. Salvage Title NSX
  100. Visiting US / San Diego next month
  101. Test
  102. Dash kit install in LA area
  103. Convert to CA emissions
  104. 91 NSX price?
  105. paint shop
  106. Got my NSX!!
  107. saw a white nsx on the freeway today
  108. Calling any Denver area NSX owner.....
  109. Calling any Denver area NSX owner.......
  110. Irvine Starbucks + SCCA autocross meet on 6/22 Sat.
  111. I'm in San Diego...anything happening(meetings, shows, etc)?
  112. T-Top owners in Denver/Littleton
  113. San Diego July 4th week Burger Basch
  114. Tell me the ways in which SoCal kicks ass
  115. San Diego NSX owners get together tomorrow?
  116. CalCoastalNSX meeting in Calabasas, Thursday @ 7:30 pm
  117. Yellow NSX in Montclair General Area...??
  118. New Member
  119. West L. A. Sports Car Event!
  120. Who wants to get together tomorrow
  121. Our next event is Friday, August 2th, 2002
  122. what happened to NSX Modified???
  123. San Diego NSX owners
  124. BBQ at my place on Saturday
  125. Alignment shop - Pasadena area
  126. MUffler shop in LA general area??..or NSx modified for easy fix?
  128. socal dinner??
  129. Urgent Message for Khuezee and ElegantTL-S:
  130. SpeedVentures Corvette Challenge at Buttonwillow - 9-20-2002!
  131. NSXPO 2002 transport from Phoenix, LA, and possibly SF Bay Area
  132. CalCoastalNSX Aug. 15th. meeting in Calabasas-Cantrell Concepts Hosting
  133. Calabasas 18th August
  134. 2002 Acura Concours d'Elegance Invitation in Palos Verdes
  135. To the guy in red NSX license # MACH4+1......
  136. Pasadena Acura Dealer
  137. Glendora Mountain Road/Azusa Canyon
  138. 500+ HP single turbo NSX Going to L.A. car show
  139. New AZ owner
  140. Alignment shop - San Diego Area?
  141. Acura Palos Verdes Concours event on Sept. 22
  142. Another NSX in San Diego
  143. Injen is looking for a prototype
  144. RE: Looking for shop in Las Vegas to work on my NSX...
  145. anyone can help me check out a NSX in Salt Lake?
  146. Car Stereo
  147. Updating on events around the San Diego region
  148. NSX sightings in Torrance (specifically Cho Dang restaurant)
  149. Window fixit install in So Cal???
  150. Meet ?
  151. How many AZ NSXrs are going to NSXPO?
  152. Any Phoenix area owners in need of formula red touch-up paint?
  153. November track event at Thunderhill
  154. Dessert trip this weekend in San Diego
  155. So cal. Meeting tonight- where?
  156. Proud Bird Dinner Last Night
  157. Vegas Trip -Guys night out Interested?
  158. Silver/black NSX on highway 51 in Phoenix last night...
  159. Deqle : email me!
  160. Atten: Colorado Owners
  161. CalCoastalNSX Sept. 19th. Meeting in Calabasas
  162. Lets do some track time on Oct.9th..Willow Springs Big
  163. Lunch and a nice beach drive tommorow in San Diego
  164. Lunch tommorow in SD
  165. So. CAL bodyshop that anyone has been too, or has NSX exper.?
  166. Acura Palos Verde Con De Elgnc
  167. Tint shop in So Cal
  168. DMV: Tax, License, Registration fees, etc...
  169. Meet this weekend in San Diego on sunday to catch the football game
  170. Arizona NSX owners
  171. center caps
  172. NSX in Denver any 1
  173. Aladdin Install this Weekend in HB. Come out !!
  174. Visiting LA from Oct 6-13
  175. Looking for fun in LA
  176. When is the next meeting at NSXModified?
  177. Also in L.A. looking for help.
  178. Canyon run on the 19th, saturday in San Diego
  179. Good Mechanic
  180. VOTE: Keep regional forums or not?
  181. NSX sighting in FT Collins , Colorado
  182. Speed Ventures Challenge Series - Buttonwillow 11-15-2002!
  183. Multiple NSX's spotted in bay area
  184. Red targa w/body kit spotted in NW PHX
  185. CalCoastalNSX meeting in Calabasas-Oct. 17th. @7:30pm
  186. OT - CHP Camaro's in San Diego Spotted
  187. NSX modified this Thrusday night?
  188. Great NSX technician in Colorado
  189. Resale value of a 91 with 3k miles?
  190. Need Help! Test Drive/Check an NSX for Me Please!
  191. NSX MDFD 11/14
  193. CalCoastalNSX meeting on Nov. 21st. Please READ! Change in location-This month only.
  194. SEMA -Vegas again!
  195. SoCal NSXers
  196. Black 91 spotted @ Arrowhead LA Fitness tonight
  197. Looking for info about Speedway cart track in Phoenix
  198. Who's NSX in Pasadena
  199. Respectible and worthy honda service center in the Hollywood area?
  200. Anyone in Orange County, CA help me please?
  201. L.A. Area Christmas Party
  202. SV - Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Streets of Willow
  203. Imola '02 NSX in Palos Verdes
  204. whos the owner of a red nsx that has turbo or sc in san diego
  205. Looking for good tire shop in Phoenix
  206. Scottsdale Pavillions NSX'S!!
  207. New to the area and FREE STUFF
  208. looking for good wheel repair shop in greater LA
  209. CalCoastalNSX meeting in Calabasas-Dec. 19th. @7:30pm "Toys 4 Tots drop off"
  210. Body shop in Orange County CA area
  211. Can anyone recommend a reputable place that does smog checks?
  212. Roll call - Phoenix area owners
  213. Indiglow Gauges any 1
  214. how many NSX owner in Colorado.
  215. Sebring Silver NSX flipped in LA this morning
  216. Dead Car...anyone have a # where it can get towed and maybe paid??
  217. Looking for a 2002 in SoCal
  218. -Reminder- L.A. Christmas Party
  220. NSX meeting.....
  221. new member
  222. Anyone know a Black/Black NSX with plate YS IT ML working at Executive Software?
  223. Looking for my 1st NSX and informed input....
  224. Need ninja mechanic in Los Angeles
  225. Can anyone hook me up with DisneyLand or U.Studious?
  226. Anybody thought of hooking up with the S2K guys?
  227. Shaved Tires
  228. San Diego, run this weekend.
  229. Phoenix car show tomorrow!
  230. Who owns the NSX DEVL plate?
  231. Huntington Beach & Anaheim visit by relatives...
  232. 2003 San Diego International Auto Show
  233. ATTN: AZ NSXs
  234. Orange County Nsx'ers
  235. So Cal Monthly Dinner Meeting Jan 9
  236. BEst accessories shop in Orange County
  237. 2003 NSX at Hoehn
  238. 2003 Blue/Silver
  239. Southern California Orange County NSX Group
  240. Zanardi 50, were u in downtown LA today?
  241. For SD/OC NSXers
  242. NSXrs near Camarillo, California- I need a favor.
  243. Viva Las Vegas!
  244. TRACK EVENT NEXT WEEKEND! [1/18/03]
  245. My Garage AUTO WAVE H.B. CA
  246. would someone in San Fransisco area help me?
  247. would someone in the San Francisco area help me?
  248. 2nd Annual NSXCA/CalCoastalNSX Autocross on Feb. 22nd.
  249. 2nd Annual NSXCA/CalCoastalNSX Autocross on Feb. 22nd
  250. San Diego NSX Gathering on Feb 8th!