Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 01:22:33 -0700
From: Alex A. Vizcarra [email protected]


It is our annual celebration of some of the finest driving roads Southern California has to offer. Roads seemingly built just for the NSX!

I have seen the incredible growth of this event through the years. When we first started about 5 years ago, we had ten NSXs, and about 100 miles of driving. Our last event has seen over 50 NSXs, and over 300 miles of driving!

This year it promises to be even more fun and exciting for everyone. For those of you who have done it, you know. For those who haven't, come join us and see what you have been missing.

In the spirit of safety, we will be limiting the attendance this year to 30 cars. Drivers with previous canyonball experience will be preferred, NSXs will receive priority. Our goal is for ZERO incidents, so safety is our #1 concern. This is NOT A RACE, but an event run on public roads, so responsible driving and adherence to traffic laws is expected from all participants.


Meet at 9:00 am SHARP, Saturday, Sept 29, 2001.


The usual CanyonBall meeting place at the RALPH's Supermarket parking lot in Sunland.

DIRECTIONS: Get yourself on the 210 fwy between the 2 fwy and 118 fwy. Exit on Sunland Blvd. and go EAST. Almost immediately on the left hand side, you will see the Ralph's supermarket. Go into the first driveway see, and look for a bunch of NSXs on the left hand side in the parking area between Ralph's and the Sizzler restaurant.

Detailed driving directions will be given out that morning. Lunch venue to be determined then.

We will then end the day with a nice dinner somewhere on the coast, after a cool-down drive on PCH.


Those who have used two-way radios for inter-car communications know how indispensable these devices are. You will hear early warnings and reports from cars ahead of you about road conditions, patrol, route directions, and will actually help you from getting lost. Not only this, but you will also be entertained along the way.

We use NSXCA-spec 2 watt UHF Business Band radios, set to "yellow" dot frequency of 464.55 mhz. For more information of specific model availability, please check with you local Radio Shack store, or contact me for more information.

This year we will require every driver to have the spec two-way radio. Radio rentals will be available for approximately $15 per radio, with a CC# held for the refundable security/damage deposit of $500.


1. It is very important to arrive at our meeting place with a full tank of gas. We will not be making any unnecessary or unscheduled stops along the way. Gas stations may be few and far between along the route. There will be gas stations along Sunland Blvd., if you will need to top off when you arrive.

2. It is your responsibility to ensure the roadworthiness of your car. Check your tire pressures, tread depth, brake pads, and fluid levels. Check for leaks. Retorque your lug nuts. Make sure your AC is working properly, as a hot day is anticipated.

3. Bring two way radios with fully charged batteries, and spare batteries if you have them.

4. Please bear in mind that you will be driving on public roads. Traffic rules apply. Civilians will be sharing the roads with us. It is your sole responsibility to ensure your own, your passenger's, your vehicles', and other peoples' safety during this drive. This is NOT a speed event and there will be no trophies awarded to first finishers.

5. Camera and film.

6. A good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast.


Please send me a PRIVATE email by Sept 25, if you are coming. Please include the following information:

# in party
Cellular Phone # (for use only at the event in case of emergency)
Do you need help with hotel accommodations?
Car Info: NSX - year/color/interior
Modifications, if any (so we can check it out)
Any other fun info that you want to share?
Have you been on a canyonball before?
Do you have an NSXCA-spec 2-way radio?
If not, please provide Credit Card info for the rental:
Exp. Date:
NSXCA Member?
Will you be joining us for dinner?

This promises to be a blast, so I hope to hear from you. As one canyonballer would say, BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Best regards,

Alex Vizcarra