You are invited to our monthly meeting of the CalCoastalNSX group on Dec. 20th @ 7:30 p.m. This is a reminder and our monthly meetings will be on the third Thursday of every month.

Red Robin
24005 Calabasas Rd.

Attending this meeting will be:

FactorXTuning Who is that you ask? One tuning project example(of many)is Marc Weinbergs CTSC NSX. Hows 20 more HP and 20ft. lbs. of torque to the rear wheels? This was done WITHOUT any bolt ons!!! How can you do that? ONE reason to show up at the meeting.

For more info on this mind bending feat and a full presentation of what FactorXtuning can offer, including tuned cars(to be present at this meeting), with DYNO charts in hand for you non believers! (don't show up if your screen name is vtec_net or 4g62bt2c30a on prime, or KYA GB)

PLEASE bring a unwrapped gift for our first annual TOYS 4 TOTS drive.

Make sure to mark this on your calender. We would like to see all of you join us and meet
some new faces.

This has turned out to be fun, family, food and modifications galore!!!

John (ANYTIME)Richards
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