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Thread: NSXCA Camarillo (CA) Autocross March 16

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    Post NSXCA Camarillo (CA) Autocross March 16

    Dear NSX Club of America Member:

    Autocross is an inexpensive and relatively safe way to experience racing. The NSX Club of America, with the generous sponsorship of Factor X Motorsports has created a unique and exciting venue for NSX Club of America members to experience the true performance of their vehicles in a private, controlled environment. The abandoned airstrip at the municipal airport in Camarillo, California was discovered several years ago by Road & Track magazine as the perfect location to conduct performance tests of the vehicles reviewed by their magazine. Today, this area is reserved most every day of the week by automotive publications, high-performance driving schools, and race teams testing their cars.

    Autocross involves navigating your vehicle through a course designated by rubber traffic cones. Your speed through this complex course will be compared with other NSX owners. Awards (as well as bragging rights) will be handed out at the end of the day. Besides the social aspects, this event helps you discover your car's capabilities and limitations, making you a better, safer driver on the road. It also develops your own driving ability. Many would-be race drivers use autocross as a jumping point into the sport of road racing. Probably the greatest thrill of autocross is the challenge of beating your own time. It's fun!

    The First Annual CalCoastal Camarillo Autocross and Open Skidpad Day will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2002. Please be sure to arrive in plenty of time for the 9:00 am mandatory driver’s meeting and safety briefing. A gourmet catered lunch will be served. In addition to the main autocross event, there will be a separate open skidpad and throttle-steer circle area where participants can sharpen their high-speed driving skills without the pressure of competition.

    There are two classes of competition at the main autocross event. The classes are based on modifications to your vehicle. Any 1991-2002 model NSX is automatically placed into the “touring class” unless: 1.) the car has been modified with either a supercharger, turbocharger, or otherwise produces in excess of 300 rear-wheel horsepower, or 2.) the car is running race tires . In either case, such a car will instead run in the “modified class”. Participation in the autocross event is optional. Some entrants may only wish to take advantage of the large open runway area that will be reserved exclusively for car control exercises. This “skidpad” area will allow you to explore the upper handling limits of your NSX in a controlled, non-competitive environment.

    If you are interested in participating in this unique NSX-only event, please fill out and return the enclosed entry form and liability waiver. This event is limited to only 40 participants, and slots are filled strictly on a first-come-first served basis. All entry forms must be received no later than Wednesday, March 13th.

    To download a copy of the entry form, please go to:

    We would highly recommend immediately sending in the entry form application, as we have already had a number of advance sign-ups last night at the CalCoastal meeting. Once capacity has been reached, no additional entries will be accepted. A list of accepted entries will be posted sometime next week.

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    Here is your first update on the March 16th Camarillo Autocross:

    It has been only 3 business days since we announced this event, and we already have 21 people signed up! If you are at all considering signing up for one of the remaining slots, you ought to do it ASAP. At this rate, we could reach event capacity before the next email announcement!

    A few other items to report:
    If there is anyone who would like to attend the event as a spectator and would like a lunch ticket, you must sign up in advance before March 6th. This is because we must have our final numbers into the caterer. The event will be catered by Wood Ranch (, a very nice high-end gourmet BBQ restaurant. Simply submit $15 payable to the NSX club of America (with your name and a note that you just want lunch) at the address specified in the entry packet posted at:

    If you are having difficulty opening this URL, it is most likely because you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat reader. Try going here to download it:

    The entry packet was designed to answer any FAQ you may have about the event. If, after reading the entire packet, you are still unsure about any aspect of the event, please email either Ross Olney ([email protected]) regarding the event and competition procedures, or myself regarding registration matters.

    On another topic, in addition to traditional payment via check, you can now also pay via credit card or via paypal for either the event (lunch included) or just lunch itself. Please contact our keN SaX ([email protected]) regarding this option.

    Listed below are all of the entrants signed up to date. If you feel there are any errors, please get back to me ASAP. This list includes all entrants received up to today’s date, so if you have just recently sent in your application, you may not be listed yet.

    M=Modified T=Touring L=Lunch Only

    Car # Class Name Skid
    ----- ----- ------------- ----
    6 M Craig Kircher N
    9 M Ken Namimatsu N
    10 M John Martin N
    16 M Marc Struhl Y
    31 M Alex Vizcarra Y
    50 M Marc Weinberg Y

    5 T Mike Angel (Type R) Y
    7 T John Richards N
    8 T Steve Riter N
    11 T Dave Goward N
    12 T Danny Lai Y
    14 T George Schultz Y
    15 T Eric Iwasaki Y
    16 T Richard Rosenberg N
    17 T Tom Tanquary Y
    18 T John Bruther Y

    L Lee Richards N
    L Erik Smith N
    L Sam (FactorX) N
    L Ross Olney N
    L Ross' Son N


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