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Thread: 1992 Formula Red NSX Superb Condition Always Pampered VIN:JH4NA1151NT000662

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    1992 Formula Red NSX Superb Condition Always Pampered VIN:JH4NA1151NT000662

    *SOLD to Mark! Thanks NSX Prime and Mark for making it easy! *

    1992 Acura NSX
    VIN- JH4NA1151NT000662
    Mileage- 61,007
    Exterior- Formula Red
    Interior- Ivory
    Transmission- 5 speed manual
    Contact: [email protected] cell: 662-416-0900
    Clean Title
    Clean Carfax

    First off, I want to say thank you to everyone on NSX Prime. You guys always make it easy on me to find info and make good decisions. This 1992 NSX has been my baby for the past 6 months. I chose this one because it has a great service history, no accidents, and no major paintwork. All the services were performed by Acura dealerships (David Mcdavid Acura and Goodson Acura). The car had its 60k service done in 2003 with the timing belt and water pump changed along with everything else needed. It had 40k miles on it when the 60k maintenance was completed. I have just about every receipt for this cars service. Everything has been very well kept and documented. This car shows on that it has had 4 owners I think, but I believe that to be incorrect. I believe that I am the third owner. Now, here are the details on my car:


    The first point that I want to make is that this car has never been driven in the rain by me or by the previous owner. It has been kept and “babied” all of this life. My car has every original body panel and has never been involved in any kind of accident. It has never had any paint damage other than a few rock chips. The front bumper is the only panel that has ever been repainted. This was done at an Acura dealer and it is absolutely perfect. There are still some rock chips on the hood and fender fronts. These have been touched up and are nearly unnoticeable up close and completely unnoticeable from 2 feet away. There was a small 1/4th by 1/8th of an inch spot on the driver’s side door right beside the mirror that was touched up as well. Other than that, this car is perfect. The original paint still gleams and looks brand new. The Formula Red looks perfect with no problems and the black roof is still perfect. This cars exterior shows no signs of its age. I added the Japanese fog lamps, but that is the only modification that has been done to the exterior.


    The interior is still superb. It is amazing how good of condition that it is still in. It has never been smoked in or modified in any way (other than the floor mats are not the originals). The driver’s side seat shows almost no wear and the passenger’s side seat shows no signs that anyone has ever sat there. The car does have Mugen pedals and an SOS short throw shifter attachment added. That’s all inside. It is basically as near perfect as you can get. This car’s interior is better than most cars that are only a year old. Everything works as it should along with the climate control and the Bose unit. The Bose unit was repaired at some point according to receipts and the climate control unit was replaced by Acura….for an obscenely large amount of money (should have sent it to Brian). Both window regulators were “repaired” by Acura (I think they replaced the regulators). I did unhook the Antenna just because I always use cds and never use the radio (north Mississippi has some terrible stations). Basically everything works like new with no issues at all except for the Antenna.

    Engine and Undercarriage

    My cars engine is completely stock with no internal modifications. The undercarriage looks just as good as it’s exterior. This car has never been driven in the rain by me or the last fellow who owned it, so there is no debris underneath. It literally looks brand new under there. One look under this car and you will be amazed. The custom Boost Logic exhaust and Comptech headers shine like new. The Brembo rotors look perfect, the Tein coilovers look amazing, and the Dali anti-swaybars are excellent. Nothing underneath shows signs of aging. I did just replace the axle grease and used the Acura tool to clamp the new axle boot binders into place. This car is a work of art underneath.

    These were taken before the GT-7s and the anti-sway bars were installed (better quality pics)

    Wheels and Tires

    The wheels are Volk GT-7s and are 18” up front and 19” in the back. It has Kumho tires all around. The tires are showing wear on the inside on the back two. It will need new tires on the rear in a few thousand miles. The wheels are in excellent shape with no known rash.


    Down force intake
    Cantrell Unifilter
    Boost Logic exhaust (custom built for this car with Burns mufflers over $3500 sounds like an F1 car)
    Comptech Headers (the car is not very loud in the cabin and very enjoyable)
    Dali hot chip (have original chip)
    Tein full coilovers (“Super” something… can’t remember what version $1600)
    Brembo slotted rotors
    JDM fog lights with JDM switches and switch holder (looks factory)

    Full 5 speed Transmission rebuild by Acura (have receipts)

    JDM short gears and Final Drive (everything replaced) $6500
    This is the best modification that you can do for a naturally aspirated NSX.
    This was done for preventive maintenance because the car was initially in snap ring range. It never experienced snap ring failure, but I feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    I really hate to sell my car, but if I sell it, I will be in a better position to buy a house. Considering my current circumstances, I feel that this is my best option. This is a car that you can drive every day with no worries. It hasn’t failed to start nor has it had any problems since I’ve owned it. Not a single problem. I will buy another NSX in the future. I have already owned a 91 Berlina Black NSX and regretted it immediately after I sold it. I’m sure I will feel the same way when this one leaves.

    The car is located at my house in the garage in Booneville, Mississippi. I can provide shipping help if needed. I know a few great shipping companies and will be glad to provide their information to a potential buyer. Payment for shipping is the buyer’s responsibility.

    Feel free to call, email, or pm me anytime.

    I am asking $32,500, but I will entertain all respectful offers. No low ballers please.

    *SOLD to Mark*
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