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Thread: Alignment in ATL

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    Question Alignment in ATL

    Hello to all the NSX'ers in the ATL area. I have lower my NSX with a set of eibach springs and pair them with koni shocks. And being from the Fort Benning area I can find one who I can fully trust in the alignment work of my car. I took it this one shop (who I will not name) and they can not get it in to spec to where my camber will be out of spec so bad. Is there a place in ATL that knows alot about lower NSX and can get it into the right specs. And also I am looking forward to linking up with the NSX owners in the ATL area in the future once my tour in Afghanistan is up.

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    Re: Alignment in ATL

    Gran Turismo East in Chamblee. They have worked on 2 of my NSXs and several more of my cars. Their alignment tech has been doing alignments for the Road Atlanta crowd for 30-40 years. My current NSX is about 3.5in off the ground at each jack point and they were able to get it on the rack. I'm not sure about lower but I think your setup is probably not as low or at least not any lower.

    I'm not an expert, but I don't think you are going to get your alignment back to factory camber specs without camber kits. I wouldn't even worry about it though. Just as long as toe is OK. I'm at -2 front and -3.3 rear for camber at my ride height.
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    Re: Alignment in ATL

    check out both of these threads

    they highlight the majority of shops that do good NSX work in Atlanta

    I've never dealt with any of the shops so I can't speak from personal experience.

    Seems like everybody knows and likes Eiffel in Marietta.
    Hugo in Lawrenceville has been mentioned a few times too.

    And I know in the other threads they're mentioned more for maintenance (tb/wp and such), so I'm not sure if they do alignments.

    For more performance minded aspects, I've heard of Forged Performance and then the one thread mentions Balanced Performance.

    Hopefully this helps you out.

    Stay safe over there and come back home to us soon, so that we can all pow wow with our NSXs.

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    Re: Alignment in ATL

    I can second Gran Turismo. They do a lot of race stuff as well as street cars and have been around a long time.
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