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Thread: Comtec - Great dude!

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    Comtec - Great dude!

    This is not a Buyer or seller experience but more of a shout out to "Comtec" Here on prime..

    Guys like him is why I love this site so much. A close friend of mine was wanting to buy an S2000 from Clevelend. I have been helping him in his search and have not been able to locate anything I saw as worthy. While checking my buddy stumbled across an s200 in Clevelend Ohio. I am in Cincinnati. It is a 4+ hour drive to get there...

    When Comtec ordered shirts from me he mentioned his address for shipping would be in Cleveland.. All this while I am on the other phone with the seller of the s2000 up there. I mention it to Mike and he says " I will gladly go check it out for you". I was so happy I did not have to drive 4 hours to look at a car... And thank the lord I didn't. Mike was a few minutes from the place that had the car. After looking it over he mentioned several issues found which saved me 8 total hours in drive time and a bunch of wasted fuel. To top it off he requested nothing for looking at it. ( I sent him his shirts no charge anyway)

    Karma is a beautiful thing. I did this for a California member 3 years ago with a car that was for sale locally to me and this good deed came back for me.

    Just wanted to say thanks publicly! Your an asset to the community. I appreciate it so much!

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    Re: Comtec - Great dude!


    Mike is indeed a great guy that go to great lenghts to help a my case, helped me without even knowing me personnally...

    All the best to you my friend,
    Proud owner of 97 NA1 NSX Formula Red coupe

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