For sale is my complete turbo setup removed from my Integra. It includes everything needed to turbo charge your car and I mean everything! Complete turbo system, 3 inch exhaust, complete fuel system, gauges, and clutch / flywheel. This kit is a/c and power steering compatible and will make over 300 hp on a stock GSR. This setup made 315whp on 12psi tuned by Chris Harris at Xenocron. The dyno can be supplied to serious buyers. To purchase all these parts new or have them fabricated would cost over 5000 dollars. I am not attempting to get close to that as these parts are now used and have been for 5-6 thousand miles. This does not mean I am trying to give this setup away. I am selling this as a complete set up and will do so for the next month if need be as I am trying to sell this as a complete one stop shop to turbo charge your car. If a potential buyer would like to remove 2 or 3 things depending on what they are that may be possible.

As i stated to create this setup new would cost over $5000

With that being said I am ASKING $3400 + shipping and paypal fees for EVERYTHING listed

That is an asking price, please do not post or PM me telling me I am asking too much money or other things like that. If you would like to make an offer relativity close to my asking price please feel free. I have had 2 people offer $2000 and that is not close to what i will accept so please please do not pm or email me offers of that amount. Thank you H-T I look forward to doing business with one of you.

Email is faster than PM [email protected]

Turbo system:

Precision 5431B Turbo w/ .63 exhaust
Inline pro stainless steel manifold a/c compatible
Tial 38mm wastegate w/ 10lb spring
3 inch stainless steel downpipe with flex pipe
Dumptube stainless steel (bottom half is aluminized steel)
3 inch exhaust with magnaflow straight through 3 inch muffler
Aluminum 2.5 inch cold side I/C piping
Aluminum 2.0 inch hot side I/C piping
Silicone couplers with T-bolt clamps
Intercooler w/ core of 22x7x2.5 and is from rated 300-400hp
Xenocron manual boost controller
Stainless steel feed line and return line
3 inch k&n air filter

Fuel System:

Neptune RTP ECU with software license and cord
Obd2a-Obd1 harness
Obd1 injector clips
Precision 650cc injectors
Walbro 255lph fuel pump w/ strainer
Omni power 4 bar map sensor

Misc turbo related parts:

Glow shift gauges, boost and oil pressure with mounting bezel and wiring harness and sensors
Aebs gsr intake manifold w/ tb bracket
2 10 inch slim fans from Xenocron
1.5 quart Catch can with Honda block fittings, B&R plug and hoses
Competition Clutch stage 4
Competition Clutch street lightweight flywheel