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Thread: Any way to get actual odometer reading from cars to your phone?

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    Any way to get actual odometer reading from cars to your phone?

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on a class project for my MBA class and wondering if anyone is aware of how one could possibly get a cars odometer reading sent electronically through there phone? Perhaps via blue tooth? Would the OBD-II port give this data? This is not specific to the NSX, but any vehicle.
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    The NSX is a mechanical OD so not without adding a device to read it. Other cars you may be able to but they will all be different (theres no standard). When a car is inspected they have to physically inspect the OD for proper milage records. If DMV could do that they would have done it already. Short of a small camera linked to the phone I don't see it being a universal thing. Why would this be useful and to who? Rental agencies?
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    It would also be a bit redundant if/when people swapped ECU's for any reason. That would throw everything for a loop; with that being said--from my ignorant standpoint--I doubt it.

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    You could just make an App with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) using the camera function. That could also be used to cross check against the VIN (also using OCR to scan the VIN number), then look up the records on say Carfax or something.
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