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Thread: Rattling Noise while clutch is dis-engaged.

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    Post Rattling Noise while clutch is dis-engaged.

    Ok all you troubleshooters out there. 91 5spd
    When idleing (stoplight etc)with car in neutral and clutch is out (disengaged) I am getting a rattling noise from engine or more likely the transmission/clutch area. Engage the clutch and it goes away.
    Opinion #1 was throwout bearing problem
    Opinion #2 was if it was the throwout bearing i would hear the noise with clutch engaged not disengaged.
    Also car had to be topped up in clutch fluid twice but that problem went away in last two months. (curious self fix?) any thoughts?

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    It could just be that since you were low on fluid that the clutch wasnt totally disengaged, hence the rattling noise..?
    I am no expert on clutches by any means, but leaks in the clutch master cylinder (slave cylinder???) can plug themselves if a small amount of debris gets stuck in the hole...
    so maybe you need a new Master Cylinder/Slave Cylinder?
    My '91 ended up needing one replaced last maybe yours is due too??

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    So you say,When you push clutch in and sound goes away.I'm assuming that your still able to drive it and otherwise it seems okay?
    Sounds like your Pilot Bearing is going out.
    It's an inexpensive part but the transmission needs to be pulled out.Have you had your clutch replaced lately? They should have replaced it then. Sometimes damage occurs when trying to force the transmission back in incorrectly

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    I've got the same noise...My Acura mechanic listened to it and diagnosed it as the pilot bearing....Said not to worry about it since it's not worth fixing until I'm ready to replace the clutch.

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