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Thread: OC Clearbra install

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    OC Clearbra install

    Well, after extensive research I finally found someone in OC that I trusted to do a Clearbra install on my NSX. My research kept pointing to Premier, but their LA location was not convenient for me. The guy I used was highly recommended on the BMW forums.

    I picked the car up last night and I'm pleased with what he did. I opted to have the nose and full hood done, rather than the partial hood and unsightly line that many cars have across the hood. The installer had never done a full hood before, and consequently he made one very small error behind the washer spray nozzle, but unless I pointed it out most people won't notice it. I have no pictures to post because, well, the bra is clear.

    So, here are the particulars; I had the complete front of the car and the full hood covered, as well as half of the front fenders. I also had the mirrors covered, the leading edge on the air intakes and the spats behind the rear wheels. The price was $1125. The upcharge for the full hood ($350) is included in the total, so if you only did the typical partial hood your price would presumably be considerably less.

    The installer did tell me that the job was a PITA, so whether he will charge the same price for the next NSX remains to be seen. Here is the contact info;

    Ultimate Auto Care
    Sean Heiland
    1718 N. Neville St.
    Orange, CA 92865
    [email protected]

    Sean is a good guy and runs a clean shop. I have no interest in his business and am only passing along this information for the benefit of others on the forum. YMMV.


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    Re: OC Clearbra install

    Thank you for the information.


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