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Thread: nsxtcy85 experience

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    Bought a set of Volk Lug nuts from this chap here:

    Thought I had a pretty nice deal on a set of Volk Racing Lugnuts. Payment was sent. Turns out he miscalculated on the shipping charges as he wasn't aware I lived in Canada (says right there under my username, which I guess is not obvious enough for him) but he ate the extra overhead and sent them anyway, which I thought was generous.

    A couple of weeks later they arrived. Opened the package and found they were not Volk lugs but in fact your regular generic chrome plated jobbers wich you can get at Pep Boys for a buck and a half per.

    PM'd him and told him this was not what I was expecting, and wanted a refund. He insisted they were Volk becasue THEY CAME FROM THE GUY WHO SOLD HIM VOLK WHEELS. As well, I mislead him by somehow hiding the fact that I am in Canada.

    In any case, I tried for 5 days to PM him, which was unsuccessful as his inbox is conveniently full and not accepting any more messages. I posted an open message on Prime asking him to empty his inbox so this can be taken up privately but to no avail....this from a guy who answered everything promptly before and seemed to be on Prime regularly.

    Anyways, lesson learned is to be as aware of what you're buying before buying. Just becasue you have a classy car doesn't mean everyone with the same car is classy, and do not assume everyone knows that a set of Rays Volk lugnuts DO NOT LOOK LIKE ONES FROM MCGARD OR GORILLA.

    Comments have been left by both parties in their respective iTrade acounts.

    Basically its caveat emptor and I am SOL for expecting someone to send me lugnuts as described and I was even naive to expect it to even be applicable to the NSX's specs (who the hell would send you lug nuts of a different thread pitch?!). I will contact Paypal and see what can be done on their end since I have exhausted all means to do this honourably.

    This has pretty well been the worst buying experience I have ever had on Prime. This is a great group. I have never belonged to such a nice group of owners before, which I attribute to the fact that the relative high cost of ownership for the car as it weeds out a lot of immature individuals. I hope anyone in the future who chooses to deal with this guy does a search first and comes across this. Sure its just a bloody $75 but the principle behind this just irks me.


    PS. BTW this "extra set" that came with his NSX wheels were 1.25 thread pitch...the NSX is nice.
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    Re: nsxtcy85 experience

    By the way, I did finally get my money back...after his mom found out that he was using her paypal account (I opened a dispute with paypal, so perhaps it was affecting her credit rating, who knows) she paid me back.
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