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Many other large automotive sites are run as a full-time business. Such sites often have mandatory subscription fees, merchandise sales, charge vendors to connect with the community, and so forth. NSX Prime is not my job. Since the first version of this site (just a plain-text FAQ) went online in 1997, I have paid for everything (operating costs, hardware, software) and have run and maintained it on my spare time. At the same time, every part of this site is made available for anybody in the world to use at absolutely no cost.

I don't want to sound like a telethon, but a lot goes into building and maintaining this site. Quality web hosting is not cheap for sites with this level of traffic. The site runs some ads to help defer the costs, but depends heavily on user donations to continue.

Did this site help you research your NSX purchase? Has it helped you learn about your NSX? Did you get a good recommendation for parts or service? Have you received help troubleshooting or servicing your NSX? Did you use the marketplace to buy or sell an NSX or NSX parts? Have you met other NSX owners through this site? If NSX Prime has enhanced your NSX ownership experience please consider contributing to help offset everything that goes into making it available.

All I can offer in return is the chance to feel good for helping support this site. I believe a site like this should always be free, and as long as it provides enough value to the community it serves, members of that community will support it. As such there is no special "members only" section to which I can grant you access. I have, however, set up custom user titles for Message Forum accounts as listed below to recognize those who have given some of their hard earned money to support NSX Prime

$25 - NSXPrime Gold $250 - NSXPrime Champion
$50 - NSXPrime Platinum $500 - NSXPrime Hero
$100 - NSXPrime Patron $1000 - NSXPrime TITANIUM

Thanks For Your Support!

How To Donate:

Get instant gratification by using the paid subscription system in the vBulletin message. The system will process your payment securely through PayPal and update your vBulletin user title immediately. Please note: When subscribing, each level offers two payment options. The one with the asterisk (*) is an  annual donation with automatic renewal (billing to your PayPal account every year). The one without the asterisk beside it is a one-time donation that will not automatically renew.


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