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** <p>[[Engine Overheating]]</p>
** <p>[[Engine Overheating]]</p>
* <p>[[Battery | Battery Draining Issues & Fires]]</p>
* <p>[[Battery | Battery Draining Issues & Fires]]</p>
* <p>'''Trouble Passing California SMOG Test?''' - see [http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=159564 this] thread</p>
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* <p>'''Headlight Issues'''</p>
* <p>'''Headlight Issues'''</p>
** <p>[[Headlight Vibration]]</p>
** <p>[[Headlight Vibration]]</p>
** <p>[[Headlight Bouncing Fix | 2002+ Headlight Bouncing Fix]]</p>
** <p>[[Headlight Adjuster Fix]]</p>
** <p>[[Headlight Adjuster Fix]]</p>
* <p>[[Interior | Interior Trim Issues]]</p>
* <p>[[Interior | Interior Trim Issues]]</p>

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This section contains information about troubleshooting and making decisions about having NSX repaired or doing it yourself.

Troubleshooting and Repairing




  • OBD II Explained

  • OBD Trouble Codes

  • Won't Start, Dies After Starting, or suddenly Dies While Driving

    • There are a number of electrical components which are needed for the engine to run properly, however it's important to remember that loose battery connections and bad grounds can cause similar symptoms and should be checked before spending time and money replacing components. The installation of aftermarket alarms has also been a culprit as they are often tied into the ignition switch and main relay with crimped connections which can come loose. If the battery and cables are in good shape and tight, the next two most probable components are the main relay and the ignition switch, both of which can cause starting problems or cause the engine to die shortly after starting or unexpectedly while driving. Fortunately, both components are relatively inexpensive and many owners have replaced them as DIY projects.

    • To help diagnose whether it's the Main Relay or the Ignition Switch, try the following:

      • Prime user: DucatiCraig suggests that if the dash lights aren't on with the key in the ON position, but in the crank position, they are, it's probably the ignition switch. Also, he found he could turn the key back from the on position slightly and they would come on

      • Prime user: CDX_NSX suggests trying to start the car and holding the key at position III; if the car stays running, but dies if you release the key, it's probably your ignition switch.

      • Prime user: shawn110975 suggests trying to start the car with the gas pedal pressed all the way down and if the car starts and the RPM's go up- to 3-4K before the car dies then its probably your main relay.

    • Main Relay

    • Ignition Switch

    • Slow cranking

  • Slow Warm-up

  • Throttle Problems

  • Runs Rough

  • Oil Pressure Questions

  • Oil Leaks

  • Cooling

  • Battery Draining Issues & Fires

  • Trouble Passing California SMOG Test? - see this thread



Traction Control (TCS) - may want to consolidate



  • Blown Fuse - to be created

  • A/C drain plugged; wet passenger floormats - to be created

Climate Control and A/C - may want to consolidate

Sound System - may want to consolidate

OEM Alarm/Anti-theft System

Body Work - may want to consolidate




DIY Projects


Reference Sources

Service Manuals and Part Number

Other Technical Information

Glossary of Terms - there are currently 3 separate Glossaries which need to be merged


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