OEM nonOEM NSX-R parts with photos

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NSX parts with photos and part numbers

The purpose of this article is to do a kind of DB of the parts that i buy and detail them out for future reference. Very few of them are not for me (i'll point which) but, NSX related, so they will all be here.

I'll create 5 different sections ... Non OEM, USDM OEM, NON-USDM OEM, NSX-R, and a final section for photos of them Installed.

The 5 sections will be updated whenever i buy, or a friend, a part.

Hope that you like and that this is good information to you all.

non OEM Parts

01Goodridge SS brake lines 02Door Handle fix-it 03Window Regulator fix-it 04O2 sensor extensions 05J's Racing thermostat 06Steering wheel Trim black LONG screws

US Market OEM Parts

01Front caliper rebuild kit 02Rear caliper rebuild kit 03OEM 5 speed clutch kit 04Exhaust head gasket 05Fuel filter and washer 06Coil cover gasket

07Oil filter 08Oil pan gasket 09Spark valve cover gasket 10Spark valve cover gasket detail 11Valve cover gasket 12Valve cover gasket detail

13Clutch bearings 14Rear ignition coils 15NGK spark plugs 16Camshaft seals 17Wiper blades 18Urea Grease and Threadlock 2

Non-US Market OEM Parts

NSX-R Parts

01Engine cover prop kit (i need help with part number for the little parts so i can edit the photo) 02Front swaybar and Bushings 03Horn Button and Trim ring 04Shift Boot 05Shif Knob and nut 06Honda Red Pads (NA2 NSX-R pads) 07Steering Wheel Trim Ring Screws


NSX-R Shift Boot and Knob