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  1. Dang oil pan gasket: new but leaking

    Just a follow up on this: I bought an OEM gasket. It came in a ball in a bag instead of nicely flattened on a big sheet of cardboard like the Fel-Pro (it also cost a bit more than 2x). I didn't like the packaging as much, but I swapped out the OEM gasket. Then I was certain to follow the...
  2. Oil/filter change capacity?

    @Superhatch you got me curious, too, and so I looked up my mistake: page 3-4 of the FSM says 6.7 qts for....an engine overhaul. #facepalm. @Randall Harmon what is the link between mpg and oil change frequency? LOL that's a new one on me. You do you, but if you change your oil every 3 months...
  3. EuroBoutique

    [1st Gen] NEW PRODUCT: NSX 100% Full Carbon Throttle Plate Cover (Engine Dress Up)

    In stock and ready to ship! Please post any pictures of our product on your car with hashtag #euroboutique and receive a special discount on your next purchase. PM's replied! thanks again EB staff www.euroboutique.us
  4. powdbyrice

    Where are all the Production deliveries ??

    #21x is still at PMC. 😥 Probably wont ship until early next month.