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  • Hi,

    I couldn't PM you as it says your inbox is full.

    I noted in a thread that you had a bent driveshaft and had one machined. My shaft is also ruined due to a bad bearing when I purchased the car last fall. Do you have the specs, material type, etc for building the shaft? I have a local machine shop my friend works at that has already helped me get everything apart, to the extent of finding the bad shaft. They said if I can't find a replacement, they can machine one, but would be best if they knew material type and any other specs. Let me know if you have any info you could provide. Thanks in advance.

    Hey I saw a picture of your nsx with volk gt-v's on it and I was wanting to run a set of wheels like that. Was wondering what the size and offset of the wheels were and the tires size you have on it?

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