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  • Hi Pegi !
    Glad to hear from you !! I know about your medical history so I was a little worried not to hear anything for so long. But I know it's important that you take it easy for a while so I completely understand.
    I'm very curious about your car !!? When do you think it will be ready ? Mine is scheduled end of february ...
    The final color will be Grand Prix White, with the black roof. I also ordered the type R hood and spoiler in carbon and Bride Brix seats in red. I myself am curious about the endresult ... Also I have the Downforce wide fenders on the way.
    When you come to Europe, be sure to notify me: I'll show you around :)
    Write again soon, friend !
    Finally I say hi :)

    Thank you for asking, I feel right now better than 3 weeks ago. I was almost dead 3 up to 5 weeks ago. If I remember time right. That 2 weeks was my life hardest & so tuogh, I feel I'm going to dead. But after all, I believe hardest is behind :) . I have to go hospital few more times, but it shouldn't be as hard what my last visit was...

    My car is now also painted. It looks cool :) . I have dreamed to go USA & watch my favourite player games (Roenick/San Jose Sharks) as well as come 1-2 weeks trip out there to Europe maybe may/june -09. Let's see how much I have time and how thing goes...

    About your car. I hope you find the parts what you are looking for :) !
    What will be the new color? Could you tell or is it secret until your car is ready to rock :) ?
    Let me know how thing goes there :)

    Keep in touch friend!

    Hiya, I just read your msg. I will write more tomorrow... I hope I feel somehow better tomorrow. Now Im too lazy & tired :/ ...

    Are u still a live :) ?? Havent heard nothing from you since...
    Hope everything is ok!!


    Back in business :)
    I try to get tomorrow boxes for this bumber. I let you know how it goes :)

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