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  • Hi,
    I noticed you are going to be selling your Volks soon..what size are they..I may be interested..thanks.

    No, I convinced her to let me buy a new NSX before I sold the Silver one.... what happens next is up to the universe.
    You decided to keep the Sebring Silver NSX, along w/ your potential acquisition?

    How did you seemingly convince/coerce the wifey... this I gotta hear!
    Tom has been late with the tickets..and now it sounds like you have to show up early to do the parade lap. Seems to be getting more complicated.
    Eric I was also going to contact Tom Kohrs to see what I will be able to do with the tickets.
    ie if I will be able to do the parade lap or just attend only. Did you have any luck with getting in touch with Tom? Thank you once again! Yancy
    Eric, do you have the link for Leguna Seca, I cant seem to find the official sign up web site. All I get is informational links.
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