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  • Checking in on the status of my drl order and would like to know if you have any center arm rests available... my car currently has the split folding one but I’d be interested in either to replace it
    Hey there. Was searching old threads and was wondering if you still had the iPad mini pod mount for an na1/2 nsx? Thanks
    Hello I wanted to find out what the wait time is on a carbon fiber knee bolster ?if I order through your website. Thanks
    I know it's been two years, but do you still have the Lamborghini Aventador button? I'm doing a Miata build and it's my dream to have one as a start up.
    I was wondering if you could help me get another plastic clip for inside the headlight assembly. One of mine might be bent. Any idea where to purchase one? Thanks!
    Hi are the carbon fiber tilt console and carbon fiber side panels available for right hand drive nsx's.

    Thanks Steve
    17/18's are fine for performance but if you are going to do step lip like the BBS LM's, they visually lose one inch so those front 17's would look like 16's which are WAY TOO TINY for me. If you want 17/18, do NOT get BBS LM's.
    Hi Rick,
    I am so sorry to hear about today. I was at the bottom of Lombard getting the camera setup ready for all of you and I heard...
    Poooo. Was your gf in the car at the time? I felt as if I should have dropped everything to help you, but we had to stay on schedule. I again, I am sorry for what you had to go through. Take care, Lynn
    i am curious whether you ever tried 17/18 and if the offset was the same as your 18/19 18x8, +36 19x9.5, +42
    (offsets were designed to clear Brembo BBK)

    I am looking for 17/18 offsets as you can probably tell.
    Also if you would comment on Chris's from SOS statement that 17/18's handle and perform better than the 18/19's? It appears that the height of either is about the same as the sidewall can be changed - ie 35 vs 40's.


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