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  • Hello Dr. I have a question about your white NSX. 1. Still for sale? and if so.. 2. How much do you think it would cost me to return to a stock look? Not that you're upgrades aren't awesome, but I'm 52 and would rather have a more modest looking stock'like car. I love that it's white, so I'm considering it. -george 05/08/14
    I don't see a whole lot of worker's comp. cases, but I performed a Peroneal tendon repairs of the foot. I just don't want to buy the book for this case. Now The Worker's Comp. insurance wants me to fill out the paper using AMA Guides. 5th edition. Can anyone look it up for me ?

    Impairment:_________________WPI%______________Tabl e#_______________Pages #____________

    Explaination:_____________________________________ ________

    Thanks in advance
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