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  • I'm interested in buying some non compliance front clamps. Do you still have these available? Thanks

    Hi jeff..i need to buy Red alcantera fabric for a Honda Dc5 type R original Recaro Seats.can you please tell me how can i get it
    Hey Jeff -
    How much scarlet red do you have left. I was thinking of doing my headliner and part of my door cards. Would what you have left be enough for that. Also how much are you looking for shipped to HI, 96814. Thanks!!

    Chad Nakamura
    Hello Jeff,
    Just want to give you two big thumbs up on the mirror. They looks AWESOME on synth's car. It totally transform the way the nsx looks. Thank you for making this. Please do whatever you can to get me a pair, I know Juice may be selling his but also so many people already waiting in line to buy them. I don't want to deal with that.

    Again thank you so so much, and let me know when do I need to send money.

    thanks for the post reply, it helped a lot, i'm interested in your sept. special on the JIC coilovers, are they the FLT-a2 , send info.
    hi VRooM. i admire your car. i cant take my eyes on it the first time i saw it. im looking for some NSX reference pictures thats why i came across this forum. i do model cars as a hobby and when i saw your car i said i want to make a model of this one. can you please help me? i just need some reference pictures of some parts of your car so that i can replicate it. thanks so much and i hope you could consider my humble request. good day.
    hello im mike. i have a a/c problem and after checking th compressor condensor,underlines under the car and in back of blower box all showing no dye (the tech put in car) the car holds vacume pretty good and tech says its the evaporator and its in the dash and it takes 7 hours to remove the dash. is that true? i see u took your out and neatly and u also make it look fairly easy. is this something i can do myself to save some money? if so will i be able to see the evaporator when dash is out?
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