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  • No problem. I bought them from a JDM importer on Ebay. My guess is they were attached to a JDM imported MR2 or Silvia. They were used and curbed up a bit, but I still paid a decent premium for them since I reckon the JackSport replicas are probably just as rare as the real NSX-R wheels since they are specifically sized for the NSX. Only a MR2 or some 240/Silvias could pull off the size/offset and make it look right. I have yet to see any actual proof of the OEM replicas listed on generic sites.
    Can you share where you got those '02+ NSX-R style replica wheels? I've seen '94-'01 & '02-'05 OEM wheels (which are obviously replicas) on various no-name parts/wheels websites, but I'm not sure if they have default pics/listings or actual inventory.
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