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  • Hey i was gonna talk to you that one day but it seemed like you were busy. i'll see you on september 13th for sure.can't wait. save me a spot. =)
    I posted on Prime, but I wanted to send you a visitor message anyway:
    Thank you for helping me with my t-shirt quest! Please let me know the details (payment, shipping-if you or John Fowler will not be coming down to California for any of our events, etc., etc...). You made my day!!!
    my number is: 425-344-3268. yeah we should get together sometime. i can't wait until my car is done too, but i gotta give it to my bro Ravi, this guy is good.
    Hello Charles, I haven't had a chance to get to you after running the Atlantic, we had a hell of a time I had no help as my crew chief was down for the count with a bad back for about two weeks. It was tough with to much to do and not enough time. We made it through till Sunday still trying to break in the new ring and pinion but I blasted it in the morning warm up and shredded the pinion gear from not getting the gearbox temperature up to snuff during the run! Ouch! Luckily I have another one in my spares package and the car is in my home shop ready to disassemble when I get the chance. School is kicking my butt right now and I have no time to work on the race car but I managed to get the garage cleaned out and two bays of the floors epoxy coated with one bay to go. I should finish cleaning up the race car bay this weekend after my final and prepare to remove the offending R&P including the differential to change out the R&P and switch to my Gleason torque sensing diffy. I vow to have the car ready for next season before the end of the year which is normal for me and be ready to race in May June time frame.
    Hey Charles thanks but we have had a death in the family and I need to attend the memorial service this Saturday so my race is off for this weekend! I will transport the car to our race shop in Damascus Oregon on this Sunday mornning for prepreration for the Setember 28-29th. race in Seattle weather dictating. You will be able to see me run my car then locally to get my license back for a full assualt next season. Have fun and you guys have a safe trip, oh and yes I do want my stock exhaust manifolds I can get them from you guys when you get back, thanks!
    Did everyone sign up for NSXPO? Thursday the 14th is the last day of the cheaper rates. Also I'm looking for people to caravan down with. I'm planning leaving Thursday the 11th around noon or so. Anyone else coming?
    Yea, I just saw them a little bit ago tonight and I posted about it. Dude, it's so cool! I'm really impressed with the temperature change. I can only imagine this must help with performance by lowering the engine temp? How is everthing? Were you happy with everything we did for you? Jon wanted me to thank you again...So Thanks! Also He mentioned again after you left how bad that could have been had you not come in when you did and the strut came apart. I'm glad Jon cought it. Remember, everything that we did carries a 12 month 12k warranty. You never know, sometimes those gaskets can fail and leak so It's a good thing that we back our products and labor with that warranty. We'll have to get together and go for a drive soon. Take car and thanks again!
    Hello Charles, not a problem undeerstand your are working and doing business. Did you view the ceramic coat website? If so give me a vote on satin color for my headers, see you soon. Rick
    I'm planning on being there. But there is a possibility that I'll be stuck working. I'll know for sure later this week.
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