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  • I was reading your thread on right rear wheel sensor. I am getting intermittent ABS and TCS lights. I think I have followed this to whrer it plugs into but it seems odd. So here is my question is it located in the trunk or is that for the running light? This issie poped up shortly after I had my clutch replaced by an Acura dealer. They said it failed but I do not believe that based on it being intermittent. As you said they are simple devices that rarely if ever fail. I have an 04. Thank you for any assistance in resolving this.

    Phill Ruhnke
    Old Guy,
    My car is still wired up with temporary FPG and 12 volt bulb waiting for the fuel pump to fail. I’ve driven it maybe a dozen times since our last contact but no luck yet.
    I’ll contact you as soon as I have an event.
    Mark D
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