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    PNW & Portland,OR NSX owners

    Good to know, unfortunately weekday nights are pretty tough with work and traffic. I'd definitely be interested if you guys end up ever doing something on the weekends.
  2. SaberX

    PNW & Portland,OR NSX owners

    NSXPrime forum seems pretty dead for NW members these days. It would be good to know if there is still a group of NW NSX folks that hang out.
  3. SaberX

    Any northwest owners?

    Longtime NA1 owner here (almost 20 years!) and I'm seriously considering adding an NC1 to the garage in the next 6-9 months. I'm up in the Seattle area and I'd love to chat with a local owner. I haven't driven an NC1 yet due to relatively non-existent inventory at the moment. I'm also...
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    It's finally here! Windows Phone 7 Series

    I definitely give Apple props for doing a fantastic job with the iPod/iPhone line - they really changed the game in those spaces. However, it's not like Apple just cooked up Siri - it is my understanding that it was basically just a cool iPhone app that they bought...
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    Virtual 3D hologram generator for Windows Phone - check out my new app!

    Hey guys, I just dropped a major update to my virtual hologram app for Windows Phone. Check out the new release trailer here: <iframe width="1280" height="750" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/8tggyw3kCfU?hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I've added some really neat features...
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    Sept. 10th, The Vin d'Elegance Tour after RTC

    Hey, I'll be heading over to RTC tomorrow morning... I won't be able to make the wine tour, but I can't wait to meet up with the NSX crew!
  7. SaberX

    Virtual 3D hologram generator for Windows Phone - check out my new app!

    Hey, I’m very excited to announce my cool new WP7 app that just released today : HoloPhone 3D. :biggrin: I’m pretty sure it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Follow the link for a video (http://holophone3d.com) or find it on the Windows Phone marketplace searching on ‘holophone’...
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    Top Gear USA

    I think a better presenter for Top Gear US would have been DerekD from Fast Lane Daily. http://www.vodcars.com/fastlanedaily/episode/FLD_20101220/fld-1-000-dollar-nurburgring-challenge-episode-1000 BTW, this video is actually pretty cool and really reminds me of my awesome trip to the...
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    Exterior Brand New: NSX Washer nozzles (Blue) $25

    These are brand new Blue NSX washer nozzles. I got these direct from Japan because I was attempting to get a limited edition Carbon Fiber nozzle and the part number matched up. Imagine my surprise when they showed up BLUE. My loss is your gain. $25 + shipping
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    Window Regulator Repair Tour - Any Interest?

    Sorry to hear you missed it. It happened. I got there at 10:30 and finished up @ 2. Hugo was great and my windows are seriously like brand new.:eek:
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    Window Regulator Repair Tour - Any Interest?

    I should be able to make it there around 10ish (barring traffic).
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    Window Regulator Repair Tour - Any Interest?

    I think I can meet up in the afternoon. Any more details on the location, etc?:confused:
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    Window Regulator Repair Tour - Any Interest?

    It's great to see Window Regulator repair bringing everyone together! :) I think the kent location sounds great too. I look forward to seeing the final details.
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    Window Regulator Repair Tour - Any Interest?

    Count me in too! I really need to get these sorted out. Who is going to organize the regulator party? Dan, I still need to get you back that front support bar too! :)