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  • Billy I have been running starspec ii a 215/40/17 but read a few post about running a 235/40/17 without issue other than at full lock. Running 275 out back. I am not running traction control and thinking about either the Toyo r888r or the new Starspec iii. Any experience with either tire? I drive occasionally on the street but primarily HPDE. Read some post with reviewers saying similar grip but the ziii last much longer. If so I will go with the ziii but not willing to give up too much grip. Running KW v3, noncompliant rear bushings, compliance clamp up front, and turbo charged at 550whp at the track. Thanks in advance on info you can share.

    Billy, I hope last weekend at the track went fine for you.
    I have been trying to reach Radomir for weeks. He has had my NSX in his shop since January. He isn't responding to phone or emails to his fxmd @yahoo.com address. I am fearful he is in Serbia. Any ideas on how to reach him?

    Lance, in St Pete until Tuesday, then back in Las Vegas
    Hey, can you dele some message in your inbox? trying to ask you some question
    Hi, Could you delete some message in your inbox, because I can not send to You one! Thanks in advance RStom - Hungary
    I read your comments in that crazy brake thread, man that is definitely a hilarious thread, I was laughing so hard I couldn't comment and left the thread alone. Rick.
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