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02+ side skirts

  1. Downforce 02+ Skirts & DF-Sport Rear Valence. Got my car back!

    so i decided to go with Downforce 02+ Skirts & DF-Sport Rear Valence. just have to say, they really hooked me up and did an immaculate job. paint and body work! great price as well. took some pix today. i don't know how to post the pix, only thumbnails... so if anybody wanna help me out and...
  2. 02+ Side Skirts vs. Stacy's Skirts? Please help me choose!

    I'm trying to choose between 02+ Side Skirts or Stacy's Skirts. I wanted to ask So Cal people cuz you guys are always honest and I really appreciate every suggestions you've given me til this day. I'm trying to go for a clean look. Of course, I'll be getting the Downforce Rear Valence. Still...