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1992 nsx

  1. Flywheel Assembly for 1992 NSX

    I recently installed the SOS twin turbo kit on my 1992 NSX and have several OEM parts that I will be selling. The car has 131K miles on it when the flywheel assembly was removed. Asking $300 plus shipping. Please let me know if you would like additional pictures and I can send them. SOLD
  2. willabeest

    Exhaust 1992 NSX OEM exhaust

    OEM 1992 NSX exhaust. has about 75,000 miles on it, all west coast. not rusty, nice condition. only defect is on one hanger there are some cuts in the metal (i just noticed them) which must have been the shop that installed my Tubi's. it still supports the weight of the muffler. pics on request...
  3. 1992 NSX—33,700 Miles—Pristine—Original—Red/Black—5sp—JH4NA1156NT000902

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