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    NSX NA2 Facelift MT Coupe not Targa, 2004 with 5000 miles Euospec, Longbeach blue/blk

    Hi guys, my name is Patrick i'm from Europe and thinking of buying a unicorn NSX. It is the official Car that was exposed at the Geneva Motorshow in 2004. It is from an official NSX Dealer first hand car, like new. Everything is original, except new tires, liquids and timing belt. For sure it...
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    3.00 vs 3.2 turbo - pros and cons

    Hello NSXers! First post here - I'm in the market for an NSX and I've narrowed it down to a dark colored Targa, but now I'm debating 3.0 vs 3.2, as I eventually do want to put a turbo in. I understand the 3.2 is simply a bored and stroked 3.0, is that correct? If so, does it make more sense to...