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air conditioning

  1. Intermittent AC availability 1991

    Very recently our 1991 NSX AC has been not coming on about half the time I use it. I can start the car and the AC doesn't come on, then shut if off and restart it and most of the time it will come on. It seems random, sometimes it will start multiple times in a row, sometime not. The CCU has...
  2. Illumination Assembly for CCU - USED - Asking $400

    Hello All, This is available again. Previous buyer changed his mind. I have a custom RED illumination CCU display unit in great working condition. This is just the illumination assembly (the front part with the screen and knobs and buttons). The ccu circuit board is not included. This was...
  3. Abnormal climate control issue (expert help needed)

    91' 5 speed. So my climate control display wasn't working so I sent it off to BryanK. Got it back and installed the board. Panel was now working but my fan was not spinning/ no air being delivered. I tried all different speeds and nothing on any mode. I then removed the blower motor, took it...
  4. Air conditioning fan

    Whenever I use the air conditioning and the fan comes on ( frequently,I live in Florida),it makes a racket. It has done this for years, and the air otherwise runs great. The Acura dealer told me that I need a new ac compressor, but I'm having trouble with that. Is the fan easy to replace?
  5. Interior Climate Control Unit NEEDED

    Looking for a functioning or non-functioning Climate Control unit possibly with Illuminated display. Physical Condition will decide on price willing to pay. Please contact with offers Thanks