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  1. Powertrain ***SOLD*** IL: FS Foundry 3 Featherweight Alternator Bracket

    Hello, I have a new, uninstalled, Foundry 3 Featherweight bracket. From the manufacturer: "Shave almost 10 pounds of the highest point on your engine with the Foundry 3 Featherweight Alternator Bracket! Fits all 90-05 NSX. This bracket is a super lightweight alternative to the massive stock...
  2. Alternator, after radio, screen, red interior, keyless entry alarm system

    Hi, I’m looking for the above. Alternator can be used or new. Radio can be oem, aftermarket, or aftermarket screen type but it has to be plug and play with the factory harness and Bose system. Don’t want to chop wires at all for that. Red interior like the one that sold for 2500 with seats, door...
  3. Looking for some parts, alternator and a radio

    Hi, looking for an alternator, used or new. Also looking for a radio/head unit that plugs and plays with the stock harness and Bose system. Thanks guys. New here. Don’t know if it’s the right place to put it. Let me know mods
  4. Powertrain want to buy alternator mounting brackets please

    I found the parts from a very helpful NSX prime member Boca Rat thank you.
  5. Check Engine Light on, Acura computer doesn't pick up a code??

    Hi guys I'm a new 2005 NSX owner and I had a check engine light on and took it in to an Acura dealer to fix the problem. The Dealer says the computer doesn't pick up a code. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas? Another maybe unrelated issue is the charging gauge on the dash is...
  6. jaja

    Crankshaft Pulley Replacement

    Yesterday, I began to remove my crankshaft pulley to accomplish a few goals: 1. Install a new crankpulley (current is 23 years old, and 200,000 km) 2. Install TiDave's heavy duty timing belt shield 3. Investigate, what I believe is, a damaged alternator bearing (HERE is an audio clip). A...
  7. jond

    Does this sound like the alternator or something else?

    I can't tell where the sound is coming from, I'm curious if the sound is unique enough that someone might know what it is. I'm leaning towards the alternator, it seemed like the belt on it was moving a bit more when the car was cold before the video was shot, although turning on the...
  8. Stevon

    95 NSX Misc parts for sale

    $225 - 95'-96' Throttle by wire throttle body assembly (low miles) $25ea- Plastic windshield pillar covers beige $50 - Front Radiator fan motor no blade or shroud $55 - 91 A/C condensor fan motor + Blade, no shroud (under fenders) $10 - cruize control bracket only $25 - Left driver side plastic...
  9. Stevon

    95 TB, Misc parts

    Have a few parts left over from my NSX project. Will only accept money order (fast shipping) or personal check (wait till clears). Shipping will be calculated based on size and weight of items shipped and speed desired for shipping time. Local pickup is prefered, Buyer pays all shipping in...
  10. CK_SB

    95-2005 Alternator - NIB

    I have an alternator left over from my race car that has never been used. OE Denso alternators cost $956.00 - $1279.00 depending on who you are doing business with. This factory reman. alternator is ready to ship. If you can use it let me know. No core charge. $300.00 plus shipping, and...
  11. redat9

    WTB: 91 Alternator and Throw out Bearing

    I am in need of an Alternator for my 91 NSX and also a throw out bearing for the clutch if anyone has those parts. You can PM me or get me at [email protected]