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  1. bmansi

    1997 or newer Automatic wanted

    Looking for a well maintained Automatic. Not Red Please. I had 2 and sadly sold them for health reasons. Well, health is good .... at the moment.... and maybe 3rd time is a charm. Thank you very much. Ben
  2. G

    NSX NA1 after auto manual conversion done, EPS not function....HELP

    Hi everyone, my N is 1993 made I just got the auto manual conversion done then found out the EPS not functioning What should i do? any idea? thanks a lot
  3. S

    auto NSX wanted -95 or newer

    Looking for auto nsx in decent good shape. any miles any color automatic 95-2001 model/design email me at [email protected] budget 28-30k
  4. S

    Performance Auto Parts Stores in LA Area?

    I need to buy a set of 20 pc lug nuts in Gunmetal or dark color for the new rims I'm getting this week. Does anyone know a performance parts store I can go to buy them in person? I don't want to buy online since I need it by this week. I was thinking of ordering from SoS, but the Rays one's are...