1. Wheels Hubcaps, wheel cap, big question ask for solutions

    Hi all :smile:, I’m new to here. I just bought a NSX wheels 1 hour before, but I found that is a Acura hubcap, but my car is a HONDA NSX. I bought the car from Japan few years before via automobile auction ( I don't know how they call it :confused:) it's a really nice car, I'm still in love...
  2. bmansi

    Exterior Rebadge your NSX. Both Honda badges: Rear center garnish and front emblem

    Sold - Thank you Prime!!! Finally having found original "Acura" garnish and emblem, I now have a beautiful set of Honda badges I'd like to sell to someone wanting to make this change. Selling both for $200 includes shipping in continental US. Condition - Excellent for both pieces. See Pics.
  3. NSX-Appeal

    Honda & V-TEC badges

    Found what looks like a good supplier of Honda and Vtec badges if anyone is interested: .