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  1. T

    WTB: 91 Crankshaft

    Looking for a C30A crankshaft asap. Please help!!!! Close to Tampa, FL would be better.
  2. chussey

    WANTED: NEW Main and Rod Bearings 3.0 or 3.2

    Anybody have extra new rod and main bearings laying around? Might need some for a project. Let me know what you have available!
  3. K

    Dropped a socket between the intake manifold and engine block somehow?

    Ok so somehow I mistakenly managed to drop a hex-to-7mm small socket down in the cavity between the engine block and the intake manifold on the r.h.s. This is just below some bypass hoses and is about 1" high and not much wider. It was too difficult to get a bore scope to look around the corners...
  4. chussey

    WANTED: NSX Crankshaft, Any Condition

    Looking for a used crankshaft, any condition, from any year NSX Let me know what you have! Thanks! Chris
  5. chussey

    WANTED: Blown or Damaged Engine blocks, heads, transmissions, parts.

    Looking for any NSX engines or transmissions, whole or for parts. Blown or damaged units are Ok. Let me know what you have! Thanks!