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  1. B

    Father/Son NSX's

    My dad has been a huge NSX fan ever since they came out in the 90's. The blue one is the 4th one he has owned. When I graduated about 1.5 years ago, he was generous enough to get me my very own black NSX. Since then, we have updated, customized, and cleaned up the look of our cars together...
  2. ozsmart

    Ozsmart NSX in TV commercial on on CD Cover

    Hi Everyone, Check out the new TV commercial with my Honda NSX in it. It will also be on the front cover of the CD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NuBvtxJQLo They also said this "Will have the making of movie finished next week which will have a lot more footage of your car." I so love...
  3. L

    2002 NSX-T Long Beach Blue Pearl / Onyx VIN JH4NA21662T000182

    Not available. Please lock thread.
  4. swimmingpie

    DIY: Burnt exhaust tips

    The blue "burnt" look is quite popular on exhausts these days. It is a trademark of titanium exhausts but can easily be achieved on stainless steel as well. The blue discoloration is a result of extreme heat. If the metal is heated until it turns red, a blue color appears when it cools back...
  5. Blue Steal

    1997 NSX-T Monte Carlo Blue JH4NA2167VT000082

    1997 NSX-T "extremely rare" Monte Carlo Blue - only 26 ever imported to US UPGRADES: COMPTECH, OEM Honda Type-R, Carbon Interior, Ultimate Sound VIN: JH4NA2167VT000082 CURRENT MILEAGE: 87,863 COLOR (EXT/INT): Monte Carlo Blue / Onyx Interior* TRANSMISSION: 6sp Manual LOCATION OF VEHICLE: Orange...
  6. Invisiblevision

    HID Kit

    I have a set of 8000K HID's in the 9006 style for sale. I can get more if anybody wants them as well. 6000K, 8000K, and 10000K. Each set will do one complete low, or high beam conversion. 6000K puts out bright white light. 8000K puts out a baby blue light. 10000K puts out a blue, almost...