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bose speakers oem

  1. Nero Tenebre

    Interior OEM Bose Door Speakers & Enclosures

    39130-SL0-A00 ENCLOSURE ASSY., R. FR. (BOSE) 001 1995 NSX $1061.73 List 39135-SL0-A00 ENCLOSURE ASSY., L. FR. (BOSE) 001 1995 NSX $1061.73 List $450 OBO for both. Speakers worked perfectly when removed, but looks like a couple of tabs may have been damaged upon removal unless they are...
  2. Nero Tenebre

    Interior OEM Bose Subwoofer & Enclosure

    39140-SL0-A02 ENCLOSURE ASSY., WOOFER (BOSE) 001 1995 NSX $1334.63 List $400 OBO. Worked perfectly when removed- I replaced the entire OEM sound system and carpet in the car only because I had the dash apart to replace the evaporator. IMG_5278 by Nero Tenebre, on Flickr
  3. Interior FS: L/R oem door amp/speaker modules

    $150 for both + shipping of your choice Working when pulled from my 94. Also FS as parts (did not verify working order, no CD magazine) -Cd changer bracket + Acura OEM cd changer, $35
  4. NormRD

    OEM Bose Door Speakers (Pair)

    $150 for the pair of OEM Bose Door speakers both the left and right speakers. Just removed this weekend out of my 96 (car always in garage and I work from home so these are in great condition). Both 100% working, just finally installed my aftermarket system. Thanks, Norm