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  1. usafdarkhorse

    WTB: Canadian km/h speedometer

    Hey Primers, I'm looking for an early Canadian market OE speedometer that reads km/h outside (large white) and mph inside (small gray). I have an early Japanese market car and would like to swap over to the Canadian gauge to retain km/h for the odometer while having the mph readout. Please...
  2. J

    1991 Berlina Black/Black 5MT Coupe-CANADIAN CAR-JH4NA1157MT800171-Only 52kms(32k mi)

    Location of Vehicle : Calgary, Alberta, Canada If you're looking here, you must already be an NSX enthusiast and potentially a soon to be NSX owner. So I won't bore anyone with the general description. You will be hard pressed to find another Canadian Spec NSX with mileage this low and in...