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cars and coffee

  1. C

    Cars & Coffee Huntington Beach

    Hello! We have been hosting Cars & Coffee Huntington Beach Pacific City since October 2017. Orange County’s car enthusiasts can enjoy a beautiful drive down the coast to meet at Pacific City Huntington Beach. Enjoy a coffee while admiring some of the world’s finest automobiles at an unbeatable...
  2. stikyryce

    C&C May 3rd

    Hello, I know some Prime members usually attend on the first Saturday of the month. I was wondering if anyone was going this weekend. I will be going with a co-worker who driving his S2000. Will probably be there around 8am. Let me know if anyone is going as well. Most of you haven't seen my car...
  3. flabuf

    Cars and Coffee, Sarasota

    this Saturday 8 - 10 AM. I'm thinking let's get together at the Acura dealership around 8:30 and drive over together. Who's in? 1. Flabuf 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.?
  4. ZoomZoomBoom

    Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland

    I thought I'd share a Cars and Coffee for the Portland/Vancouver metro area that we are calling Cascade Cars and Coffee Portland. http://www.carsandcoffeeportland.com https://www.facebook.com/CascadeCarsAndCoffee It is being held every Saturday the whole year RAIN OR SHINE with roll-in at 8am...