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check engine light

  1. C

    Check Engine Light issue

    Hi, hoping someone here can provide guidance diagnosing a check engine light (CEL) issue on a stock NSX with OBD1. Here's what I've observed and done so far. When I saw the CEL lit up, I pulled aside the road to check the engine bay and exhaust areas and nothing seemed abnormal. I then turned...
  2. Rockeim

    Engine went hot once + check engine sign days later (coincidence?)

    Good day from Norway, NSX owners! I finally bought my dream car, a '91 NSX manual (not in snap ring range). The car is well maintained and doesn't carrie the stamps of a 30 year old car - interior isn't worn, exterior's flawless because it's newly been repainted (not crashed) by previous owner...
  3. O

    Check Engine Light on, Acura computer doesn't pick up a code??

    Hi guys I'm a new 2005 NSX owner and I had a check engine light on and took it in to an Acura dealer to fix the problem. The Dealer says the computer doesn't pick up a code. Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas? Another maybe unrelated issue is the charging gauge on the dash is...