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  1. HondaDreamS

    !!NEED!! LH A/C Condenser 80111-SL0-A02 RESTORATION

    Hey Guys! Help me Save another nsx. Have found most parts but the condenser in good condition has eluded me. any help appreciated please email [email protected] 80111-SL0-A02
  2. chussey

    Ton of front end parts wanted!

    Looking for the following front end parts to fit a 91: hood hingeshood latch ac condensers / fans /ducts condenser wheel well liner (splash shield) ac lines radiator radiator fan spare wheel fuse/relay panels radiator hard lines climate control fan blower assembly steering rack tie rod ends...
  3. tbox

    WTB - OEM Passenger Seat, Driver Carpet, AC Condenser, Headliner, Sash Covers

    Looking for some parts for a '93 NSX: 1. OEM passenger seat - Found 2. Driver-side floor carpet in any color - Found 3. Driver-side AC condenser assembly - Found 4. Coupe headliner (grey) - Found 5. Coupe Sun visors (grey) - Found 6. Coupe B-pillar trim (grey) - Found 7. Interior door sash...
  4. chussey

    Many parts wanted, A/C condenser and fan, A/C lines, front bumper parts, oil pan, etc

    Hey Everybody, Looking for the following parts: Front passenger side: A/C condenser plus ducting and fan (no leaks or serious damage) Bolt on bracket that holds condenser Bracket where front fender and lower bumper attach Front plastic radiator duct Front lower bumper lip Front lower...