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  1. Powertrain WTB: Water Pump, '91 NSX

    I need to purchase a water pump assembly for my 1991 NSX. I think the OEM part # is 19200-PR7-305. Thank you.
  2. chussey

    WANTED: Front brake cooling ducts

    Hello, Looking for a set of improved brake cooling ducts that attach to the front lower control arms. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  3. chussey

    WANTED: Fan Control Module

    Looking for a fan control module that mounts on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat. Let me know if you have one available. Thanks!
  4. chussey

    New in Box Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator 91-05

    Brand new Mishimoto all aluminum radiator. Fits all years NSX. Never even removed from the box. $300 shipped in the lower 48.
  5. jaja

    "Heater on Full Blast"..Myth?

    Strictly speaking, with the heater on, it acts as a miniature HX removing heat from the coolant. Meaning more energy is leaving the system than with the heater off. OK I get it. But are we talking 1% cooling or 0.001%?? I might be ignorant, but having the heat on full blast seems more of a...
  6. dlynes

    Koyo Radiator thoughts

    Guys, After 15 years my OEM radiator started leaking from the bottom of the radiator. Instead of trying to fix it, I chose to pay the $370 (shipped) and order Koyo Radiator. Looks lot better than the original...all SS is slick. I haven't noticed anything on the performance/cooling as I have...