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cup holder

  1. Wild Turkey

    Correct cans found for the OEM cup holder

    If you've noticed that the factory cup holders appear to be designed by the summer intern and should be called cup spillers, you've probably also seen the owner's manual dictum that they are only to be used while the NSX is stationary. How useful. I've found the cans that fit perfectly in the...
  2. C

    Interior Metal Cupholder for NSX

    Metal cupholder for NSX - clips securely into passenger side trim, installs without drilling or marring to panels. I think it was a z-toolman or an ultimate cupholder, can't remember which! Stainless steel construction with felt liner. Hardly used (never drank or ate in my NSX...not sure why...
  3. jeffchai

    some used nsx parts (clutch cup holder speaker jack ignition etc)

    i have a used 1993 nsx clutch. took it out when comptech did the supercharger upgrade and clutch upgrade. the clutch have less than 20k miles when removed. it was outside when it rained so its got some surface rust i am selling it as is for core purpose but should function just fine if u get the...
  4. T

    Carbon Looking Center console(cup holder)?

    Does anyone know where I can get a center conssole(arm rest/cup holder)?? for a 2005 NSX??