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exhaust tip pictures

  1. Exhaust 91, 92, 93,94 Exhaust with awesome tips

    I would like to sell my factory original exhaust for 91-94 NSX I am asking 200.00 Plus 100.00 for shipping. It is in good condition :smile:
  2. franken-exahust; who can ID these parts?

    I pulled the following tail bits off my 94'. It's a bit of a callico after years of improvement by various bad people ^D^D^D^D^D^D owners . First item: Frankenheaders - Appears to be legit DC NA2 headers with some atrocious MIG work to fit 91 cats. If so what should I do with them?? Next up...
  3. MadtownNSX

    Exhaust Tips

    What are people using for aftermarket exhaust tips, any ideas for weld on parts. I want to change the look of my exhaust tips and have them match up correctly with my new 02+ rear valence. I want something that is round and fits nicely in the 02+ rear valence. Please show your pictures if you...