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  1. S

    AC fan blowing randomly - Help!

    Hi guys When I turn the ignition on my 92 JDM NSX, the AC fan blower will turn on by itself. The climate unit will still be in the off position. Even stranger, when I use my turn signal indicating to the left, the AC fan will turn on again! It only happens when I indicate left. Any idea what...
  2. chussey

    WANTED: Fan Control Module

    Looking for a fan control module that mounts on the bulkhead behind the passenger seat. Let me know if you have one available. Thanks!
  3. chussey

    New in Box Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator 91-05

    Brand new Mishimoto all aluminum radiator. Fits all years NSX. Never even removed from the box. $300 shipped in the lower 48.
  4. Risen

    Exterior WTB: Front Driver Side A/C Shroud Bracket and Fan Shroud 80160-SL0-A01

    Looking for the A/C Fan Shroud, left or right is fine since they're both the same. Part #80160-SL0-A01 . It is the one circled in yellow in the image. I am also looking for the left bracket that holds the fan shroud and connects to the body. I can't find a part # for it. It is the one circled...
  5. chussey

    Many parts wanted, A/C condenser and fan, A/C lines, front bumper parts, oil pan, etc

    Hey Everybody, Looking for the following parts: Front passenger side: A/C condenser plus ducting and fan (no leaks or serious damage) Bolt on bracket that holds condenser Bracket where front fender and lower bumper attach Front plastic radiator duct Front lower bumper lip Front lower...
  6. swimmingpie

    CCU fan controller works with engine off, not when running

    I just recently repaired my climate control board on my '91, replacing all the caps and fixing any damage from the leaking goo. Before the fix, the fan only ran on high. Everything works perfectly when the engine is off and the unit is running from the battery. The fan will run at all the...
  7. Track Junkie

    Dual Spal Radiator Fans w/Shroud

    Dual Spal 12" radiator fans w/custom shroud for OEM radiator, Spal Part #30102029 (Old #:VA10-AP70/LL-61A) 2900+ CFM!! My cost: $494; Asking: $299. More info on fans here: http://www.spalusa.com/store/Main.aspx?p=itemdetail&item=30102029 Photos attached; see this and other related parts here...
  8. Track Junkie

    Spal Radiator Fan

    Spal 13" radiator fan, 1710 CFM. My cost: $134; Asking: $99. Photos of this and other related parts here: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/ or here for Flash version: http://dbmpub.home.comcast.net/NSX_P...ectflash=false Note: Price excludes buyer-paid shipping and 3% Paypal fee. Questions? PM...