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  1. texmorales

    Fixing condensation in taillights and trunk

    Everyone, Decided to tackle the condensation in my trunk and taillights. Ordered new gaskets (3,10,5,12,38) since the old ones were cracked and now longer bounced back. Probably not a very good seal and how I suspect water/condensation was getting into my trunk. As far as the condensation in...
  2. Where to Fix Bent Rims in LA Area?

    unfortunately, my dumbass didn't see the big ass pothole last night and i bent my new rims already! arghhhhhhhh. my alignment is off as well... sigh... i'll be going to darin for the alignment this friday. anyone know a good and quick place to fix the small dent on rims in LA area??? the dent...
  3. ca2822

    Window adjustment help

    So I've searched for hours on the forums for specific information about adjusting my windows, but couldn't find anything that specifically answered what I needed to know, so I'll attempt it here :biggrin: My driver side window has a pretty good seal and I've brought it into the dealer to get...