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gen 1

  1. B

    Steering Issues with 205 Front Tires Instead of 215 - Gen 1 '96

    I recently got new Continental Extreme tires from Tire Rack for my first gen ’96 with stock rims. Several people have recommended going from 215 on the front to 205 and with my last set of Hankook Ventus it worked fine. OLD 205/45ZR16 Hankook Ventus R-S3 245/40ZR17 Hankook Ventus R-S3 NEW...
  2. K

    91' NSX RWD (Black 5-speed/Manual 133k miles)

    *113k miles, $45k asking. Has a good amount of mods. 5 owners too. Just trying to see if this might be a good deal...
  3. K

    91' NSX RWD (Black 5-speed/Manual 133k miles)

    Very interested, trying to look past the highish miles. Seems like a great price. Has 5 previous owners, curious what the SOS monitor does. Lot of mods done it seems. Curious if anybody might be able to come to a better conclusion then I can before I make an offer. I would also likely have to...