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  1. Considering my first NSX. Looking for advice Gen 1

    I have alway admired the NSX but never made it a priority to acquire one. As new cars get more and more complex, lose the option of a manual transmission and are pumping fake exhaust tones into the speakers, I have found myself looking for a timeless car. I recently sold a 2011 Audi R8 V10...
  2. N-Wing

    Bumper Damage: Repair or Replace?

    The below video shows my front upper bumper which is damaged in two places. The question is, do I repair or replace? I'm leaning toward repair to retain the VIN tagged part (my bottom doesn't seem to have one) but I don't want any issues. My plan for the winter is to repair or replaces this...
  3. NSXVice

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2001. May consider 2002+

    WTB Automatic Transmission NSX T 1995 to 2005 If you have an automatic or know anyone who has one and wants to sell please PM me or respond to this thread. I am looking for something under 100K miles. No mods at all. 100% OEM only. Clean title is a must. Any part of the country is ok.